The Kuva Whisky, located on the first floor of Building B in the Hotel, officially opened in 2017. With an international-level, spacious 500 square meter layout, it has become Taiwan's first international whisky specialty store, gathering globally renowned whisky brands from Scotland, Ireland, the United States, Japan, India, and Taiwan. 

The art installation at the entrance of the Kuva Whisky, which is a 1:1 replica of a distiller's apparatus, symbolizes its tremendous influence on whiskey flavors. Distillers can extend or limit the interaction time between alcohol vapor and copper to create the desired flavor, representing the diversity and creativity of whiskey in the Kuva Whisky.

Kuva whisky is a new popular spot that offers a wide collection of premium and limited edition spirits for all whisky lovers.
We accept all major credit cards and UnionPay cards. 
International visitors (with foreign passports) may claim their sales tax refund at our reception desk in the lobby. 

Service time: 13:00~21:30

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