【The Vivid Western Restaurant】Reservations Hotline:+886-3-281-1818 Ext. 2101 / 2161

In The Vivid Western Restaurant, Which Is The Most Cozy And Elegant Dining Facility In Hotel Kuva Chateau, Delicate Chinaware Is Combined With Tiffany Style Lighting To Create The Unparalleled Ambiance Of The Victorian Era, As The Skillful Chefs Adopt Each Country’S Most Iconic Buffet Recipes To Satisfy You With Energizing Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner Buffet, Afternoon Tea Buffet On Weekends And Holidays, Delicate À La Carte Dishes, And European Set Meals. Throughout The Day, The Vivid Western Restaurant Meets Your Needs For Both Gourmet Excellence And Visual Enjoyment!


【Energizing Breakfast Buffet】06:30~10:00.
§ NT$538+10% Per Adult / NT$269+10% Per Child.
【Western Buffet】Lunch 11:30~14:00 / Dinner 17:30~21:00.
§ Weekends/Holidays: NT$888+10% Per Adult / NT$444+10% Per Child. 
§ Weekday: NT$788+10% Per Adult / NT$394+10% Per Child.【Weekend Tea Buffet】14:30~17:00 (Weekends And National Holidays Only)
§ NT$528+10% Per Adult / NT$264+10% Per Child.
§ Half Price Is Charged For The Children Between 110 -130 Cm Of Height.
§ The Corkage Charge Per Bottle Is NT$500 For Wines & NT$1,000 For Spirits.
~Don’t Drive Under The Influence Of Alcohol~