【Great Kuva Thai Food & Lounge】Reservations Hotline:+886-3-281-1818 Ext. 2201 / 2202

The Burmese Chefs At Great Kuva Thai Food & Lounge Are Of Chinese Descent And Specialize In A Cuisine Variety That Mixes Cooking Styles Indigenous To Thailand, China’s Yunnan Province And Myanmar. With Ingenuity And Creative Ideas, They Combine Their Hometown Recipes With Locally Produced Ingredients To Present An Array Of Authentic Thai-Style Delicacies. As The Luscious Red-And-Gold Décor Theme Symbolizes Thai Royal Preference For Timeless Elegance, Great Kuva Turns Dining In A Chic And Luxurious Lounge Bar Setting Sumptuously Adorned With Chandeliers Into A Trend-Setting Lifestyle. It Is The Best Eatery For You To Enjoy South Asian Beverages And Tropical Cocktails, Among Other Exotic Delicacies, With Friends, Fellow Club Members, Business Associates Or Guests Amid A Cozy Yet Dignified Ambiance.


§ Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30~14:00; Royal High Tea 14:30~17:00; Dinner 17:30~21:00; Midnight Snack 21:00~23:00.
§ All-You-Can-Eat Package: Weekends/Holidays NT$588+10% Per Person; Weekday NT$488+10% Per Person. Half Price Is Charged For The Children Between 110 -130 Cm Of Height.§ Royal High Tea: NT$298+10% Per Person.
§ À La Carte And Set Menu; Whisky, Wine, Tropical Cocktails, Exotic Drinks And Italian Coffee.
§ The Corkage Charge Per Bottle Is NT$500 For Wines & NT$1,000 For Spirits.
~Don’t Drive Under The Influence Of Alcohol~