【Underground Car Park】
※ Capacity: 161 small vehicles (Underground flat parking is available, with a height limit of 2 meters. Recommended vehicle length is within 4600mm.)。
※ Due to the limited number of hotel parking spaces, we recommend arriving early. The availability and details of parking spaces are subject to on-site conditions and regulations.
※ Parking fee: TWD 60 per hour.
※ If it is fully parked, please use the carpark nearby or on street parking. (parking fees are to be covered by guests, and no parking discounts are available through the hotel.)
Car Parks nearby: [Xinming Elementary School] (https://reurl.cc/p1keYr) [XingGuo Public Market] (https://reurl.cc/Kba1qp).
※ Reservation is not accepted. 
※ Due to safety considerations regarding the slope of the underground parking lot, motorcycle parking is not available. Guests riding motorcycles may park them at the designated on-street motorcycle parking spaces around the hotel.
※ Motorcycles, red-plate heavy-duty motorcycles over 550cc and iRent shared cars are prohibited from entering the underground parking lot.

※The charging station is exclusively for 'Porsche' car owners, specifications: J-1772 plug x 2 / Power 9.6 kW / Voltage 220V / Amperage 40A.
Please note: 
(1) If visitors using the charging station, the price is TWD 50 per hour + parking fee TWD 60 per hour
(2) Actual parking spaces for charging stations are subject to on-site conditions, and details regarding parking regulations are also subject to on-site policies of the hotel.